The Ultimate Bleaching

The Ultimate Bleaching is a treatment to lighten areas that is not exposed. It can be the underarm, Nipples,

bikini area, labia and anal area. The areas mentioned can be bleached with topical creams  that are applied directly to the skin, or laser. 

At the Orchid Spa, the specialist prepares the area to be bleached before receiving the treatment. It will improve the results. The skin will look brighter and lighter.

Maintenance will be required in order the keep the skin lighter. The labia, for example, has a normal dark color (and tends to darken as you age) so these skin bleaching procedures may only give temporary lightening. Once you stop using the creams or don’t continue to get chemical peels consistently, then the darker color will return.

Price per area - $120

Ultimate Bleaching Packages

6 sessions - $600 

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