Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are almost always harmless, usually nothing to worry about but they can certainly affect your appearance and confidence. 


A skin tag may start to develop without you even noticing, growing gradually over time. They can appear at almost anywhere on your body, but the most common areas are in your neck, underarms, or torso. 


You may remove your skin tag jut because you do not like the way they look, but many times ski tag can cause irritation when they rub against other body areas or clothing.


At Orchid Spa and Wellness we offer a variety of options to address unwanted skin tags, or others irregularities on your face and body. It is a fast and effective treatment.


The device emits a high frequency to the epidermis, to fast remove skin irregularities. The treatment is fast and painless. You will see results at the first treatment. The fast and precise treatment can treat (remove) spider veins, skin tags, age spots, flat hyper pigmentation, acne, milia, cherry angiomas and clogged pores.

A free consultation is available. Call for more information.

Price upon Consultation. It starts at $75 per area and $20 for each additional, if done in the same day.

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