Benefits of prenatal massage

Many physical changes taking place during pregnancy, lots of women turn to massage therapy to find some relief. “Many pregnant women will have various degrees of musculoskeletal pain from loosened joints,”  Many will find massage is good at alleviating some of that pain.”

Massage therapy can also help improve circulation, which may in turn reduce fluid buildup in the legs and feet.


Prenatal massage isn’t just for managing physical pain, studies indicate it may increase levels of the “feel-good” hormones serotonin and dopamine, and decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol. “Massage therapy has many benefits for an expectant mother.” 

There’s a misconception that you shouldn’t get a massage in your first trimester,however, massage is safe throughout the whole pregnancy. A therapist might avoid treating the abdomen in the first trimester and will adjust her technique in further trimesters if the mom wants an abdominal massage. The therapist would also try to limit pressure points around the ankles and sacrum area throughout pregnancy.  No need for a special massage table with a hole for your belly—side-lying with support is widely considered the ideal position.

It is recommended talking to your massage therapist about any allergies or sensitivities you may have to substances in massage oils to be used during your treatment. That is why filling  out a health history form with all of your background information, including injuries, medications or health conditions you have, is the key before any treatment.


We will gather information about the pregnancy so we know things are progressing well and there are no complications that would require certain techniques or positions to be avoided.As with any therapeutic practice, it is best to consult your doctor or midwife before booking a massage treatment in order to discuss any precautions or concerns specific to your pregnancy.

Finding a registered massage therapist.

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