The average person sheds 20% of their natural lashes every 2 weeks. Since the stylists attach extensions directly to your natural lashes, when they fall out, they take your eyelash extensions with them.

We recommended a regular 2 weeks refill, so you keep you lashes looking its best and beautiful.

To make your life easier, we have memberships to fit your custom lash look, schedule and budget! Get your appointments on the books at members’-only prices.

2 refills per month + 10% off all products + 10% off all other services 

You save $22 on classic fill + 10% off products + 10% off all other services
You save $32 on Hybrid Lashes + 10% off all other services
You save $32



Memberships include 2 refills per month of either classic, hybrid or volume eyelash extensions, depending on the membership type selected.
All pricing above reflects services with a stylist. Members are permitted to upgrade to a different application type at an appointment for an additional fee paid at the time of service.


Members can always upgrade to a different membership type for an additional recurring membership fee. Membership fees cannot be redeemed for other services offered at The Orchid Spa and Wellness; however, members do receive a 10% discount on products and any other services or upgrades with fees paid at the time of service.

Members may cancel their membership with 30 days’ notice and may carry over their credits for an additional 60 days following cancellation.


One lash extension to your natural lashes

$118 Month


Combine Classic and Volume Lashes

$148 Month


2-3 Lash Extensions to one of your lashes

$168 Month

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