Eyelash Extensions


Wake up looking like you have makeup on! Your eyes need to look the best!

We don’t just create long, full, gorgeous lashes; we put confidence into every lash look.

Say yes to your lashes!  Let us accentuate your natural beauty and help you feel like you can have on the world on your hands!

We use quality soft lash extensions that are 100% safe. They’re made of a premium synthetic material and that ensures a long-lasting and beautiful curl.

Are you fussing your eyes with lash strips or making a “sandwich” using lashes between magnets? Stop struggling!

We can help you to achieve that perfect look that will keep you ready to enjoy your day, without spending hours in front of the mirror without having the best results.

Remember, you are your own unique kind of beauty. That’s why, at every appointment, our stylist will sit down with you to design a custom set of lashes that accentuates your natural beauty, designing stunning custom lashes look.

You can go “classic” for a more natural look or pump up the “volume” for a fuller look. You can even do a combo of both with our “hybrid” application method.

Each stylist completes a comprehensive training program to become certified in our exclusive lash design technique developed by the Orchid Spa and Wellness. Your lash will be customized, considering its length, thickness and curl your lashes can handle and looks best on you.  Your stylist will personalize your lash design and give you recommendations for lash lengths, thicknesses and placement that will complement your face and eye shape, using our exclusive lash design technique.

Your lashes will look longer and thicker, but still looking and feeling natural and light. There are a variety of styles, lengths and curls to choose from. The stylist will help you select a style best suited for your eye and face shape, your desired look, and even your lifestyle.  Wake up looking like you have make-up on!


You can choose the style you prefer: classic lashes, hybrid, or volume lashes.



Full Set - Go from no extensions to a full set of lash extensions. Allow about 90 minutes. The stylist applies 1 lash extension to your natural eyelash. Great for a stunning natural look!Full set of lashes. 
Regular Price $250 ON SALE FOR $150

30-Minute Touch Up – Freshen your full set before a special event or between fills.  Allow about 30 minutes. 
 Regular Price - $50


Lash Refill- Make your full set look brand new. Replaces missing extensions and adds lash extensions to new lash growth. Allow about 45-60 minutes. Schedule every 2-3 weeks for the best results. NOTE: if less than 50% of your lash extensions remain (per eye) you may need to schedule a Full Set instead.
Regular Price - $70

Hybrid is a mix of classic and volume lash extensions. Mixing these lashes together creates a level of fullness that cannot be achieved by classic or volume lashes alone.

Full Set - Combines classic and volume lashes. Great for some fullness and texture.

Regular price $295 On sale for $175

Hybrid Refill - Allow 45-60 minutes
Regular Price - $90 

VOLUME (Also known as Feather Russian Volume). 

These lashes are ultra-light, crazy-comfortable and so weightless, you may forget you’re wearing them. Great for someone who want a daily dramatic set of lashes.

2D Volume - handmade fan (of two lashes) will be attached to your natural lashes.

3D Volume (classic volume) - handmade fan (of thee lashes) will be attached to your natural lashes.

Full Set -
Regular Price $325 ON SALE for $195


Volume Refill
Regular Price - $99

Extension Removal - Allow at least 30 minutes for the removal. $30

At Orchid Spa and Wellness, we prioritize professionalism, safety and quality services and products.
So…Relax and trust our services!


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